Court Rejects Appeal From UBB Over MBT Plant

Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) Waste Essex went into administrative receivership in July after it lost a case brought by Essex County Council over a malfunctioning mechanical biological treatment in Basildon, Materials Recycling World reported. The court had then to decide on what basis Essex could recover legal costs and damages from UBB. The company also requested permission to appeal certain points of the judgment. A council statement said Mr Justice Pepperall had again found in favour of the authority and had refused UBB’s request for permission to appeal. UBB can, however, approach the Court of Appeal directly. Simon Walsh, council cabinet member for environment and climate change action, said: “The judge ordered that UBB should pay the highest possible level of the council’s recoverable costs and interest on the costs and damages it owes the authority.” Read more