Coronavirus: Aer Lingus to Lay Off More Than 60 Contract Workers

Aer Lingus is laying off more than 60 contract workers who argue they qualify for Government payments to businesses that keep staff in jobs during the coronavirus crisis, The Irish Times reported. The airline told staff last week that it was cutting pay by 50 per cent in an effort to see the company through the coronavirus pandemic that has grounded flights across Europe and the United States and brought its industry to a standstill. Aer Lingus informed 62 staff who aid passengers in checking in bags and boarding flights that it would not be able to renew their contracts, which end this Saturday, March 28th. The staff are paid €455 a week before tax and employed on fixed-term contracts that are due to end on Saturday. Some of those involved have been working for Aer Lingus for several years as the company has renewed their contracts as the terms of each ended. Read more