Citigroup Projects 65% Lebanon Haircut In Favorable Scenario

Lebanon may write off two-thirds of its Eurobonds, and a fifth of the local debt, once it overcomes political differences hindering an economic overhaul, Citigroup Inc. says, Bloomberg News reported. The prediction comes as wrangling between government factions, banks and businesses, as well as the fallout from a deadly blast in Beirut, sidetrack the nation’s efforts to fix an economy already in disarray. So dire is the situation that Citigroup analyst Michel Nies says his projections are based on a favorable outcome and can hardly be called a base-case scenario. The risk of a “seriously adverse” situation that worsens the problems continues, he says. “It is not clear that it is more likely than not that a solution is achieved,” Nies said in a note to clients. “Even if such an outcome were to materialize, the range of possible outcomes, and hence the set of possible values for each variable, would be large.” Read more