Chinese Developer Sinic Likely to Default on $250 Million Worth of Bonds

Chinese developer Sinic Holdings said on Monday it would likely default on bonds worth $250 million, as it does not have enough financial resources to the make payments by their maturity date, Reuters reported. The case highlights the impact of China Evergrande Group , which is struggling under $305 billion in debt, on the rest of the high-yield sector as liquidity dries up and sales slow. Sinic said in September a creditor had demanded repayment of principal and accrued interest totalling $75.4 million due to overdue payments on onshore financing, and that the creditor had appointed receivers over the shares of certain offshore units. The creditor’s enforcement triggered conditions under which other financing arrangements and bonds worth $710 million may become immediately payable if creditors choose to enforce that, the company said. Sinic said it was talks with lenders and other stakeholders over repayment arrangements. The payment and the last interest payment on the first batch on bonds worth $250 million is due on Oct. 18. Read more.