China Reopens to Foreign Tourists, Lifting Covid Visa Suspensions

China’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., said that it would again permit foreign tourists to visit the country, a major easing of travel restrictions put in place early in the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported. Step by step, China has been permitting more foreigners to enter the country in recent months, including in January when it opened its borders to let Chinese begin traveling overseas again. It also made it easier for business travelers to enter. The relaxation now on inbound tourist travel will affect a much larger category of people who might want to go to the country. In a brief statement on Monday, the Embassy said China’s borders would be reopened to holders of valid visas on Wednesday and that it would begin accepting applications for new visas for foreign citizens, including for tourist travel to China. The move, which takes effect at midnight on Wednesday, Beijing time, is being made to further facilitate movement of Chinese citizens and tourists, the Embassy said. After China suspended many visas and visa services in March 2020, it blocked most foreigners from going to the country. All along it has made some exceptions for some businesspeople and students, but it virtually shut down tourist travel. Read more. (Subscription required.)