Bulgarian Water and Sewerage Utilities Face Bankruptcy Due to High Electricity Prices

State-owned water and sewerage utilities in Bulgaria are facing bankruptcy due to high electricity prices caused by the energy crisis. The government and regulatory authorities are trying to find the solution, but for now they have different views on the issue, BalkanGreenEnergyNews.com reported. Electricity prices on power exchange IBEX in Bulgaria have risen fivefold since January, from EUR 45 per MWh to about EUR 220. In total, 23 water and sewage companies under the Bulgarian Water Supply and Sewerage Holding pay EUR 150 per MWh while the price in their business plans is EUR 40 per MWh, according to the state-owned holding. Business plans serve as a basis for setting their service prices which are both approved by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC). Electricity suppliers are warning the companies under the Bulgarian Water Supply and Sewerage Holding, which serve about four million people out of seven million in Bulgaria, they would be cut off over unpaid bills. A few days ago, the holding managed to postpone the termination of supply for one of its companies, ViK Vidin, which was announced by the supplier Energo-Pro, the holding said on its website. Read more.