Brosius Demands Chief Justice Korkpor to Return Ducor Petroleum US$3M

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Liberian Businessman Amos Brosius is requesting that Chief Justice Francis Korkpor make sure that his company’s US$3 million is returned by the Judiciary before Korkpor's retirement in September of this year, the Liberian Observer reported. The disputed US$3 million was placed in an escrow account at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), managed by the Judiciary through the Commercial Court, after both Brosius and the Monrovia Oil Trading Company (MOTC) could not agree to the management of Ducor Petroleum Incorporated. However, the Judiciary Inquiry Commission (JIC), in its investigative findings, said the Commercial Court Chief Judge, Eva Mappy Morgan, colluded with the MOTC to deplete the Ducor account. The JIC's recommended for the Supreme Court justices to suspend Judge Morgan for a period of one year without pay and benefits. Addressing journalists assigned to cover the Supreme Court recently, Brosius maintained that Justice Korkpor has deliberately refused to address the JIC findings. Brosius’s request came after he presented a letter to Chief Justice Korkpor, regarding the return of the money. Brosius’s letter is triggered by information circulating around the Temple of Justice that the Supreme Court justices have resolved to exclude the judiciary from the return of the money. Read more.