B-ON Files for Insolvency

The car manufacturer B-ON, which had taken over Streetscooter, among others, is apparently bankrupt, Electrive.com reported. The group has now filed for insolvency at the Aachen District Court and put the production of the Streetscooter on hold. It is unclear how the imbalance came about. The company had orders, said Jürgen Müller, chairman of the works council, to the Aachener Zeitung. The business figures for the past year presented in April also looked good at first. At that time, the company reported a turnover of 125 million dollars (about 114 million euros at the time) as well as contracts and letters of intent for the sale of a total of 11,000 vehicles in 2022. Negotiations for a further 30,000 vehicles in the current year were also well advanced, it was said in the spring. Read more.