Global Insolvency Website Update

We are pleased to announce that, with the help of ABI’s Karim Guirguis and his team, the Global Insolvency website ( has had numerous updates that will enhance its visibility, add significantly more valuable content, and draw more viewers to the site. In addition to branding Global Insolvency as an ABI-affiliated website, a link has been added under “Featured Links” on the ABI website landing page.

As well as comprehensively aggregating worldwide insolvency news, the site will also feature links to international insolvency articles, blog posts and other materials authored by major international law firms. In addition, a search feature will allow users to locate insolvency professionals in any region of the world. Be sure to visit and let us know your feedback on the new and improved site.

Global Insolvency is a project of the American Bankruptcy Institute. It serves as a comprehensive source of information, both on current issues in international insolvency and restructuring law and on the legal framework for insolvency and restructuring around the world. The site features daily news headlines on insolvency developments around the globe.