Chapter 15 Database

Case Name Court Filing Date Judge Case Number Related Case
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, S.A. de C.V. New York Glenn 10-bk-14182
Countrywide plc New York Gerber 09-bk-11769
Countrywide Property Lawyers Limited New York Gerber 09-bk-11770
Countrywide Surveyors Limited New York Gerber 09-bk-11771
Madoff Securities International Limited New York Lifland 09-bk-12998
Premier Oil Ons Limited New York Drain 09-bk-12641
Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG New York Peck 09-bk-12704
Straumur-Burdaras Investment Bank hf. New York Gerber 09-bk-13592
Britannia Bulk Holdings Inc. New York Gerber 09-bk-13724
Karl John O'Farrell and Max Christopher Donnelly New York Bernstein 09-bk-14281
Lehman Re Ltd.
New York Peck 09-bk-14884
Daewoo Logistics Corporation New York Lifland 09-bk-15558
The Tall Girl Shop Ltd. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15906
Awal Bank BSC New York Gropper 09-bk-15923
Canwest Global Communications Corp. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15994
Canwest Television GP Inc. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15996
Canwest Global Broadcasting Inc./Radiodiffusion Canwest Global Inc. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15997
Canwest Media Inc. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15998
4501063 Canada Inc. New York Bernstein 09-bk-15999
CJSC Automated Services New York Peck 09-bk-16064
Metcalfe & Mansfield Alternative Investments et al. New York Glenn 09-bk-16709
Metcalfe & Mansfield Alternative Investments III Corp. New York Glenn 09-bk-16710
Samsun Logix Corporation New York Bernstein 09-bk-11109
SageCrest Ltd. Connecticut Shiff 09-bk-50546
Castle Holdco 4, Limited New York Gerber 09-bk-11761