Year: 2014
Pages: 294
Author: INSOL International

The INSOL international has published a book on antecedent transactions and its applicability in cross-border insolvency situations.
Since most insolvencies span many jurisdictions there are specific issues that IPs are faced with when applying to court to avoid antecedent transactions. The book explores some of these specific issues – particularly from a practical point. Some of the key areas covered are:

• Various claims that can be made to avoid antecedent transactions
• Typical defenses to such claims
• Are foreign judgments avoiding antecedent transfers enforceable?
• Barriers to access to judicial assistance against foreign claimants
• How will a court determine issues of foreign law
• Applicability of the UNCITRAL Model law on foreign insolvency claims
• What should a foreign claimant expect with respect to discovery or disclosure, including any limitations on scope, mandatory disclosures, working co-operatively with opposing counsel and a discussion about timing and fees.
The book has 20 country chapters and each chapter is based on a standard template of questions.
Copies of this book are available from:
INSOL International
6-7 Queen Street, London EC4N 1SP, UK
Tel: (+44) (0)20 7248 3333 Fax: (+44) (0)20 7248 3384
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Year: 2013
Author: INSOL International
Publisher: INSOL International

The INSOL Directory was published in early January. As well as containing details of all 9,700 INSOL members throughout the world (also available on this web site under Find a member) it also contains entries from organisations working in the cross-border insolvency profession. A number of these firms appear on this site, just click the links below.
The INSOL Directory publishes unique information drawn from an international survey of jurisdictions: Insolvency Practitioners - qualifications and appointment around the world. Click here to view the results.

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Year: 2012
Author: INSOL International

This publication, the expanded third edition of this study, has been produced by INSOL International to help members seeking guidance as to the assistance they can expect when dealing with insolvency proceedings that span national borders. It is also hoped that it will provide a helpful stimulus to those responsible for the reform of insolvency laws and systems especially when considering the adequacy of the assistance that their courts are able to give foreign representatives.

Copies of this publication are available for £100 plust postage and package.

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Year: 2010
Author: INSOL International

We are pleased to introduce this important publication titled "Financial and Tax Considerations for Distressed Companies and their Creditors".

This is the first book that INSOL International has published that covers tax issues. We have accepted that in most countries tax issues and tax treatments change constantly and that tax laws are changing sooner than some of the other laws. We decided however not to be deterred by these constant changes and move on to produce this book as INSOL’s objective was wider. The book aims to provide practical guidance to insolvency practitioners who are dealing with restructuring financially distressed companies, about the tax position of a country before they consult the tax experts in those countries.

The first part of the book deals with the general insolvency considerations of a country and the latter part deals with the more specific tax issues. Each country chapter therefore has an interesting collection of information that cover the insolvency laws and guidelines that will be applicable in a restructuring, and also tax issues such as debt forgiveness, debt-for equity swap or debt for debt swaps in restructuring plans. It then covers the various tax considerations that affect plans and discusses the practical difficulties that may be encountered and how they may be dealt with or avoided.

Copies of this publication are available for £100 plus postage and package.
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Year: 2009
Pages: 184
Author: Bob Wessels
Publisher: American Bankruptcy Institute

Updated to reflect recent case law and modifications to the EU Insolvency Regulation, this book is a primer that covers jurisdictional issues, "winding-up" procedures such as the appointment of a liquidator, recognition of judgments, creditors' rights and other provisions. Written by Prof. Bob Wessels of University of Leiden Law School in the Netherlands, this book is an invaluable resource for professionals who find themselves increasingly involved in cross-border insolvency cases.

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Year: 2008
Pages: 92
Publisher: American Bankruptcy Institute

This Guide is a must-read for any practitioner involved in international insolvency issues. The authors address the history of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-border Insolvency, which the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law adopted in 1997 after five years of meetings and discussion. Thirteen states have now adopted this law, which includes the United States' adoption of chapter 15 as part of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. For those involved in the evolving new world of chapter 15 law, this publication provides the necessary overview to understanding the law in practice.

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Year: 2008
Author: INSOL International

This book covers fifteen jurisdictions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA.

The book explores methods by which claims are presented, defended against and resolved in different systems around the world. This publication is a comprehensive guide to the formalities of claims presentation, the types of claims that can be presented and the remedies available to creditors.

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Year: 2005
Pages: 28
Author: INSOL International
Publisher: INSOL International

In the current global insolvency market it is critical that key market players in the profession are kept informed of what is happening in their respective regions and beyond.

In 2000, a survey was carried out on our members’ marketplace around the world which provided an insight into the differing insolvency landscapes across the world. Five years on, it was felt that it was important once again to see if new evaluations of the marketplace could be made.

INSOL's 2005 Global Marketplace Survey shows that our membership, from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and jurisdictions have a remarkably similar view on a number of key issues facing the market and profession. Several hundred members responded to the survey giving a sample, which, principally due to the consistency of response, probably reflects the views of INSOL members quite accurately.

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The INSOL Lenders Group initiated a project to
produce a guidance booklet for insolvency practitioners and others on matters relating to the impact of credit derivatives in restructurings. The working group of this project worked on the draft for over 18 months and in October 2006 INSOL launched a booklet entitled “Credit Derivatives in Restructurings”. The objective of the publication is to raise awareness and promote understanding of relevant issues, and to provide a point of reference for those involved in restructurings.
The book covers an overview of the credit derivatives market, basic elements of credit default swaps, settlement following a credit event, and a comparison with other types of credit products and techniques.
The book also includes several practice points.

Copies are available for £50 plus post and package,
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This publication covers six country studies of their respective Deposit Insurance Systems. The countries that are included
are: USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and Japan.

The foreword is by Jean Pierre Sabourin, President of IADI. Copies are available for £50 plus post and package, please contact
Heather Callow at INSOL to order your copy.

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