Family and Friends by Steffen KOCH

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My term as your President has nearly elapsed and this is the moment to review what we have achieved together for INSOL Europe in the last twelve months, and what should be achieved in the future. Family and Friends I hopefully have implemented the headline of my presidency in everyone’s minds: “Family and Friends” reflects perfectly what INSOL Europe is standing for, a group of like-minded professionals covering the whole range of services delivered in the insolvency and restructuring area, who share their knowledge, exchange and discuss different approaches, in order to find the best solutions for businesses in trouble throughout Europe. This, of course, also includes our friends from other associations dealing with the same topic, especially INSOL International, to which I will refer later in this column. And this headline also reflects the social aspect of our INSOL Europe family. This is the perfect arena to make friends and to have a good time together in fascinating places around Europe!

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