Finland - Covid 19 Response Search

Fiscal Measures

1. Spending Measures (Budget Allocations)

2. Tax Measures (Deferral of Payroll Tax Obligations, Extensions of Tax Filing Deadlines)

3. Subsidies to Preserve Jobs, Employee Benefits, Food Assistance

4. Public Loan Guarantees and Expansion of Loans to Businesses

5. Student Loan Relief

6. Insolvency Law Relief

Monetary & Macro Financial Measures

1. Reduction of Interest Rates

2. Expansion of Central Bank’s Holdings of Government Bonds

3. Other Measures to Support Flow of Credit

4. Suspension of Foreclosures/Evictions

5. Reductions/Suspensions of Mortgage Payments

6. Asset Purchases (Liquidity Facilities, Purchase of Private and Public Sector Securities, Acquiring Equity of Larger Affected Companies)

7. Exchange Rate Adjustments

Health Policy Responses

1. Social Distancing

2. Closure of Public Places for Gathering

3. Closure of Non-Essential Businesses

4. School Closures

Global Cooperation - International Assistance

1. International Assistance

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