The Avoidance of Antecedent Transactions and Cross-border Insolvency

The INSOL international has published a book on antecedent transactions and its applicability in cross-border insolvency situations.
Since most insolvencies span many jurisdictions there are specific issues that IPs are faced with when applying to court to avoid antecedent transactions. The book explores some of these specific issues – particularly from a practical point. Some of the key areas covered are:

• Various claims that can be made to avoid antecedent transactions
• Typical defenses to such claims
• Are foreign judgments avoiding antecedent transfers enforceable?
• Barriers to access to judicial assistance against foreign claimants
• How will a court determine issues of foreign law
• Applicability of the UNCITRAL Model law on foreign insolvency claims
• What should a foreign claimant expect with respect to discovery or disclosure, including any limitations on scope, mandatory disclosures, working co-operatively with opposing counsel and a discussion about timing and fees.
The book has 20 country chapters and each chapter is based on a standard template of questions.
Copies of this book are available from:
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