Financial and Tax Consideration for Distressed Companies and their Creditors

We are pleased to introduce this important publication titled "Financial and Tax Considerations for Distressed Companies and their Creditors".

This is the first book that INSOL International has published that covers tax issues. We have accepted that in most countries tax issues and tax treatments change constantly and that tax laws are changing sooner than some of the other laws. We decided however not to be deterred by these constant changes and move on to produce this book as INSOL’s objective was wider. The book aims to provide practical guidance to insolvency practitioners who are dealing with restructuring financially distressed companies, about the tax position of a country before they consult the tax experts in those countries.

The first part of the book deals with the general insolvency considerations of a country and the latter part deals with the more specific tax issues. Each country chapter therefore has an interesting collection of information that cover the insolvency laws and guidelines that will be applicable in a restructuring, and also tax issues such as debt forgiveness, debt-for equity swap or debt for debt swaps in restructuring plans. It then covers the various tax considerations that affect plans and discusses the practical difficulties that may be encountered and how they may be dealt with or avoided.

Copies of this publication are available for £100 plus postage and package. Please contact Jelena Sisko at INSOL International to order a copy

ISBN : 978-1-907764-12-7

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