Creditors' Rights in Insolvency Proceedings : A Practical Guide for Smaller Practices

The idea that led to this publication was first discussed by the "Smaller Practice Issues Committee" of INSOL International in
order to provide its members with a practical guide illustrating the rights (and obligations!) of creditors within the most important insolvency systems around the globe. This publication, while focusing on the position of creditors, also offers a short introduction into the structure of the insolvency proceedings in respect of the
countries that are covered in this publication.

Each article is structured based on a template of questions as far as this is actually possible in consideration of the great differences
that mark the various proceedings around the world. This allows an easier and more immediate comparison between the
position of creditors in the different countries.

The cost of this publication is £100 plus postage and package
To order a copy please email ISBN: 978-1-907764-13-4