Argentina's Macri Will Annul Father's Postal Debt Deal

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Argentina's President Mauricio Macri said on Thursday he would annul an agreement his government reached to resolve a 15-year-old debt the country's postal service incurred when it was owned by Macri's father, the International New York Times reported on a Reuters story. Macri spoke after a federal prosecutor asked a judge to open an investigation into him and Communications Minister Oscar Aguad earlier this week. The deal, reached last year, had prompted conflict-of-interest allegations from another prosecutor who asked a court last week to block the agreement, calling it a "forgiveness of debt" that benefited the president's family. "I have given Dr. Aguad instructions to start over," Macri said. "The good thing is that this is no fait accompli, nothing happened yet." While his Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña said on Tuesday Macri had not done anything wrong regarding the debt deal, on Thursday Macri conceded that he could have been more transparent. Read more.(Subscription required.)