A $31 Billion Trading Halt Has Left HNA Investors Trapped

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HNA Group Co., the poster child for runaway corporate debt in China, is increasingly drawing attention to another of the nation’s financial ills: trading halts that leave stock investors trapped for weeks on end. Seven listed units of HNA have halted their shares for seven weeks or more, creating the largest swathe of frozen stock tied to a single business group in China, Bloomberg News reported. The suspensions, which affect $31 billion of equity, have prevented minority shareholders from selling at a time of mounting financial stress for the aviation-to-hotels conglomerate. "The stock is not supposed to be in our portfolio anymore, but we are stuck with it,” Zhao Danian, a money manager at Everbright Pramerica Fund Management Co. in Shanghai, said in reference to Hainan HNA Infrastructure Investment Group Co. Even though Zhao’s quantitative investment model no longer recommends Hainan HNA, the fund can’t sell because trading in the shares has been suspended since Jan. 23. Read more.